Parking in Snow
Parking in Snow

Tackling the Struggle of Parking in Snow

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Last few weeks saw the Polar Vortex bringing out some unexpected and harsher climate changes in the USA. As cities like Chicago fought a brutal onslaught of icy winds, many people found it difficult to park their cars. Hence, it is necessary to know how to park safely in such scenarios.

The Last One Remaining

Drivers who live in the downtown area are sometimes unfamiliar with the tough parking landscape. As a consequence, they search for a parking spot at the last moment when the snow begins. Engaging in such a practice can render you helpless, and you might have to compromise by parking too far from your office, home, or any other building. This means that you have to walk and face chilly winds while struggling to reach your destination. Hence, always plan beforehand or you might be forced to bear the consequences in the form of your health.

Snow Emergency Awareness

Depending on your city, always be on alert regarding snow emergencies. The criteria to declare a snow emergency differs from city to city. For instance, some cities declare an emergency after the accumulation of three inches of snow and the city management considers it mandatory for the residential streets to be plowed. Therefore, keep yourself updated about a snow emergency so you do not run into any parking issues.

Parking Effectively

While parking your car, keep the following tips in mind to achieve maximum efficiency during your parking procedure.

  • Try to park in a location to which you have been directed or else you may run into another car due to visibility issues.
  • Always be careful with your handbrake. If you are careless, then you can create a new problem because the brake linings and cables are frozen by moisture.
  • Keep the gear in your car intact along with changing the direction of your front wheels so they are not aligned with the slope.
  • You must try your best to park your car as near to the bank as possible.
  • Some drivers chock their wheels through rocks. This is a bad practice as it can put an adverse impact on the snow clearing machines. Therefore, refrain from using rocks.
  • Avoid using wooden chocks as they are prone to falling during a snow storm.
  • Do not forget to eliminate wheel chocks when you leave.

How to Search for a Spot?

Parking For Me

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