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Stacked Parking

Different Techniques of Parking for Car Drivers

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You have just taken up driving and want to have all your details covered before you head out with your dad for driving lessons. As part of this venture, your peers have built on you the importance of parking, and how acing it is imperative for having a good experience on road.

Building on your interests here we will be educating you with the different techniques for parking. Ace these techniques well, and you will be good to take your car out and park it accordingly:

Parallel Parking

The kingpin of all parking techniques, parallel parking requires a lot of maneuvering and curbing to park your car the right way. Parallel parking basically applies when you’re positioning your car horizontally in between two cars positioned on a straight road. You’re trying to maneuver your car between the bumpers of both the cars positioned across your desired parking spot.

Parallel parking is usually done at the side of streets, and outside locations that don’t have the right parking facilities available for all consumers. There are often designated spots for parallel parking, as it is done without disrupting the flow of usual traffic across the road.

With parallel parking comes a lot of responsibility, as you will be agonizingly close to the other cars on the roads. So, a slight miscalculation can leave dents and scratches on your car and that of the other person’s as well. Additionally, you also have to keep in mind the flow of traffic on the road you are parking on. Ensure that the flow isn’t disrupted, and that you are able to park in the first go. Constantly maneuvering your car in and out of the parking area can disrupt the traffic.

Perpendicular Parking

Perpendicular parking usually means parking cars side by side to each other. This method of parking is called perpendicular, because your car will be perpendicular to a wall or any other object in front of you. This kind of parking is often popular in garages and parking bays, because of the limited space within most of these garages. Perpendicular parking is usually easier than parallel, but still a challenge in its own self.

Angle Parking

Angle parking is extremely similar to perpendicular parking, with the only difference being that the cars are aligned in a specific angle. Angle parking is the easy to do, because you can park your car in the flow, without having to stop and maneuver around.

Double Parking

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