Rent Your Parking Space

How to rent your car parking space & Earn extra money

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Rent Your Parking Space

Need extra cash during these hard times? Then renting out your parking space might be a good way of boosting your income. Where you reside if parking is difficult, you can earn around $80-100 per month and might reach up to $200 per month in the funds – for renting a parking space out. Renting of parking spaces has boomed in the past several years. Especially, when the city of Toronto had increased the hourly parking prices
Torontonians could be paying more at the parking meter in some parts of the city. But this couldn’t be the situation everywhere where there are no parking meters, a lot more individuals are searching for parking places.

But how do you go about leasing a parking space out? Discover more on the way what you can earn and to publicize your parking space rental. Can I rent my parking space? Yes is owned by you rather than by party or a landlord. Keep in mind that it does not have to be a driveway. Leasing a parking space in parking in a block of apartments is very popular. Can I use it if I rent out my drive? You can, of course, use another, if you rent a parking space on your driveway. You may rent the parking space for a fixed amount of time out so you might use it.

How far is my parking space worth? Will depend on how much people are ready to pay and where you reside. Toronto is always common and most desirable with regards to rent. The price depends on several factors and how the area is. This involves whether its close at per town center or to transport links, like train stations or major roads. In case your parking area is covered and secure, people with less affordable vehicles, or with vans full of expensive equipment, will find it more desirable. In case your area has parking permits, that are usually for residents in that area, then businesses can also be keen to get their hands in your parking area as permits can be scarce. The average cost is $80 a month, but in Toronto that you can make up to $200 per month.

Parking For Me

How can I rent my parking space? There are numerous ways where one can advertise your parking space however, those websites charge a listing fee and commission of 13-16% for renting your parking space but ParkingForMe offers a free listing and renting service to all the spot owners no matter how many parking spots you list with them and eventually after listing your parking space you will receive a $10 as a promo credit and a referral money when you refer your friend.

Parking For Me will handle all your queries. Just call them at 650-230-8080, or email at, if you have any query.

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