Parking For Me FAQs for Renting Parking Spots


Have questions about Parking For Me? Learn how you can effectively use the site to rent the best parking spots in cities instantly!

Considering renting your parking spot to drivers on a hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly basis? Curious how Parking for Me works? Find answers to all your questions about using Parking for Me to rent parking in major cities. Learn how to rent your personal parking spot efficiently and at the most profit for the parking spot owner. Get tips on how to price your parking spot and posting your spot onto the Parking for Me online community. Don’t see the answer to your questions below? Contact Parking for Me to get answers to questions you may have regarding renting your parking spot!

  1. How to put a listing on PFM?

There are a few ways your listing can be created.

  • Go to our Site –  and register. This page will enable you create an account if you do not already have one.
  • Once registered, enter your parking address to list your spot on the website. If you are already registered, click:
    • My Spots
    • Add A New Address
    • Choose the Correct Address
    • Click Next & Add Spots
    • Fill Out the Form
    • Update!
  • Put rates and comments into each profile so you can easily identify each spot in your profile and attract more renters.
  1. Can I call and get assistance from Parking From Me?

Yes! Dial 650-230-8080 and reach customer service. We will gladly walk you through the process of adding your parking spot or assisting you in renting a parking spot.

  1. I am planning to rent one of your spots for a week. I will have a rental car and will not know the license plate number until I pick it up. Will that be a problem? How should I enter the car info?

No problem! At the time of the booking you can enter your card and credit card number. This information can be provided at the time you book your spot and can be entered upon arrival.

  1. I am reluctant to use credit card information without prior knowledge of how to gain entry into the secure parking lot. How can this be resolved?

Purchase of the rental spot guarantees access to the secured parking. We do not provide payment to the space provider until the customer has accessed the parking spot. Key access is provided after the spot has been booked by the customer. There is also an option to cancel the booking if the customer is not satisfied with the parking spot upon arrival. Long-term parking spots will be charged to the card after 48 hours.

  1. How much of the parking fee do I the owner receive when my spot is rented?

The policy is that if the spot is rented for $X/month, the owner of the spot receives the full amount.

  1. I am in and out during the week. How do you handle last minute parkers? And what is your rate my portion and the rented part.

Our service is on-demand. Drivers will see spots on the map and pay for the parking. The parking spot owner will get 100% of what the owner posted as the rate. Parking for Me will charge the driver for transaction fees. For events, there is a standard fee – could be hours. Others will be timed.

  1. What if the driver hits one of the other residents? Who is responsible?

Drivers and the space providers have to have their own insurances. The party at fault has to be liable. Just like a parking garage or street parking, drivers park at their own risk.

  1. My parking spots are covered and in the basement of a building that has security cards drivers must use to access? How can I rent my parking spots with Parking for Me and ensure the drivers receive the gate passes needed to enter the parking deck?

Parking for Me suggests that these parking spots are rented on a monthly basis to avoid loss of gate passes and cards. The parking spot owner will need to leave instructions in the comments of the parking spot as to how the customer can attain these keys, whether from the condo association, a parking attendant or the parking spot owner in person. Parking for Me cannot guarantee the retrieval of these passes as the site is based online.

Parking for Me is the leader in online crowd-sourcing parking spots in the United States. No matter what major city you are visiting or the length of time you need parking in that city, you can easily find the type of parking spot you desire for your car. Learn more today!

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