Parking Hacks

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Parking has been a major issue in cities such as San Francisco. Getting a parking spot especially downtown is a big task. We are here to make your life simpler. Checkout these Parking hacks to help you in your everyday parking.

  1. Parking reverse: This helps when you have to get going. Especially in crowded areas, where it takes time to pull out your car, parking reverse will help you get out of the parking lot quickly.
  2. Get it in the first go: Practice so much that you are ready to park in the first go itself. This will save you time and avoid any clashes in parking lots that are extremely crowded.
  3. Save your spot on mobile: It often happens when you return to the parking area, and forget where you have actually parked your car. To help you remember your spot you can always save it on your mobile. Google maps have an option to save your location. This spot will remain saved as it is until you remove it.
  4. Learn to park on a slope: Not many people opt for parking on a slope, as a result, major parking spots remain empty. Though parking on a slope is difficult, it can turn out to be one of the best options
  5. Plan it: Check Parking for Me App. PFM finds people who have unused parking spots and matches them with drivers looking for a place to park. Got an unused parking spot? List it with PFM, set the times that the spot will be free, and choose your price. For those looking for cheap and safe parking, PFM shows you spots that are available near you and their prices. Our parking app will keep you up to date with areas and will save your time by booking a parking spot in advance.

Let us know what do you think about these parking hacks. Do try them when you search for parking next time. Also do check out Parking For Me App :

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