5 Steps to share your Parking space

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Finding a good parking spot has been a major concern especially in big cities such as San Francisco. If your workplace is located in downtown it’s not only difficult to find a spot, but at the same time, it is extremely costly. For people who have to park daily, this is a headache. If you have an empty parking space, you can help these people and in turn earn extra cash.

Sharing a parking space is extremely easy. Just follow below 5 steps and get ready to earn some dollars and help your community.

1.Where to list? Parking for Me is the perfect place to list your parking spot. Parking For Me provides a digital parking solution. Listing on PFM is absolutely Free!! The app has an interactive map that provides real-time data and helps users find and book a parking spot. The best part is that this online solution is user friendly and free of cost. Parking For Me app is available on google play and app store. Download the app for free and sign up. if you have any questions, just call them at 650-230-8080, or email at info@parkingforme.com.

2. Details of spot: For clarity, it is highly recommended to give entire details of your spot such as the address, any famous place near it for better understanding, whether it is a covered spot or not, space dimensions, security details, and more.

3. Pricing: It advised not to have too high or too low pricing. Based on what the particular city’s average charges are, you can set your pricing. Also, you can contact info@parkingforme.com for advice on pricing.

4. Description & Photos: A picture says a lot and therefore listing a spot is incomplete without providing clear photos of the spot. Along with that, 2-3 sentences describing the spot will be an add on to the listing.

5. Trust: In the end, building trust is very important to your customer. You can do this by adding a few points that will build confidence in the person who chooses your spot. It will also increase your spot’s chances to be chosen among the other options.

Let us know your thoughts about this article. Also if you have any questions about the procedure to share your parking space you can email us at info@parkingforme.com. You can also call us at 6502308080.

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