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Why People Violate the No-Parking Rule?

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Well, it seems quite redundant to bring up the fact that people should not park their vehicles in No-Parking zones. However, it’s an unfortunate reality that every year thousands of drivers breach this basic law provision. More importantly, nearly all the people guilty of parking in No-Parking spaces don’t have criminal backgrounds, and neither is there any malicious intent behind exhibiting this behavior.

This means people mostly violate this law by mistake or when they don’t have any other parking option. Let’s try to dissect the reasons that lead to the violation of this basic civic law by many.

Not Seeing the No-Parking Sign

It’s true that many people park their vehicles in No-Parking zones as an honest mistake. It usually happens on lanes and roads where a single No-Parking sign is affixed on either side, which is nearly invisible to the drivers coming from the other end.

The Herd Mentality

Humans are guilty of having a behavioral problem that expressed through herd mentality. This is also one of the main reasons behind many instances of violation of No-Parking zones.  One person parks his car in a No-Parking zone, and the rest follow him without thinking about their individual duty as a responsible citizen.  Many No-Parking zones are inundated by cars where drivers just follow what the previous drivers have already done.

Proximity to the Destination

Many people are also guilty of violating No-Parking rule just because they find an unoccupied spot in close vicinity of their destination.  With ever-increasing road traffic and with limited parking options, this trend of No-Parking violation is quickly increasing.

In a Hurry

Many people knowingly violate the No-Parking rule because they reach their destination at the very last minute and don’t have the time to search for a legitimate parking spot. This is a major metropolitan issue where people are always late to their commitments and then try to save time by parking in No-Parking spaces.

Conditions to Park the Car in a No-Parking Zone

You can park your car in a No-Parking zone in these conditions:

  • If you are picking up or dropping off a passenger or parcel.
  • If you are not leaving it completely unattended. This usually means that you must remain present within a three-meter radius of the car.

What’s the Solution?

People can easily avoid the violation of No-Parking rule if they leave their place a few minutes early before the intended time. Adopting this habit can actually give you a time window to hunt for a legitimate parking spot. The Internet has made it really easy to sort out a parking spot in advance. There are online portals where you can find the available parking spots in your city and neighborhood. You can book them in advance to avoid all the last minute dread and traffic rule violations.
Parking For Me

Parking For Me is an online platform where people can look for parking spots and can also list their unoccupied parking spaces for others.

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