What is Multi-level Parking?

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With the ever-growing cars on roads, traffic is no more the only concern, it’s also the shortage of parking spaces. With lesser parking lots, people have started considering roads as their permanent parking spots. This has resulted in more cars being parked on the streets creating congestion in the cities and obstructions to the traffic flow. This has led to an increased number of accidents on roads.

To overcome this ongoing issue, here’s presenting you with a feasible solution. Where there is a lack of horizontal parking space, why not think about building vertical space? Constructing a multi-level parking garage will provide 100 times more parking space than a usual horizontal parking lot.

What is Multi-level Parking

Multi-Level parking basically is a vertical parking designed in such a way that with a large number of floors and levels, more cars can be parked under one roof.

There are two types of Multi-level Parking :

  1. Manual Parking: This is the conventional parking wherein the car driver parks in the available free parking space.
  2. Automatic Parking: This is a technology-driven parking where signaling devices, pallets, and lifts are used to ease the parking. This type of system informs the driver where vacant spots are available and also links the drivers with their cars.


  1. Environment Friendly: As this is vertical, a lot of vehicles can be parked in a comparatively smaller space. And as there is a systematic approach, the drivers won’t have to keep on searching for a particular spot, thus causing a reduction in the emission of gases.
  2. No Traffic Congestion: With a lesser number of cars getting parked on the streets, there will be a reduction in traffic congestions on the road.
  3. Secure Parking: With the security cameras, there are lesser chances of thefts compared to street parking, where things could go haywire.
  4. Reduction in disputes: As each parking space is allotted to a particular vehicle, there would be no arguments on the ownership of parking space.
  5. Areas of Implementation: These can be constructed near shopping malls, commercial areas, residential projects, stations, etc.

Multi-level Parking maximizes the capacity of parking spaces. To check out parking spaces near you, visit Parking For Me.

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