Parking Violation

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Parking Violation is basically parking in an unauthorized way or in a place that is restricted from parking. Parking is supposed to be one of the easiest parts of the entire driving process. Still, some people are so careless that they just don’t bother to follow the simple rules of parking. If you are the one who doesn’t come under this category and always make it a point to park perfectly, hats off to you! Keep it up!

And well if you belong to the category of ” I sometimes don’t bother much about parking as either I am in a hurry or I probably don’t care! ” I believe this is what you must be thinking while parking :

“Taking two spots just so that the neighboring cars are not close enough probably to avoid a crash while opening the door ” 😛

” Parallel Parking is so hard and time-consuming! I just have 1o minutes’ work. Let me park it this way for now. ” 😀

“Okay, so I didn’t have anywhere to park! It’s always great to adjust and as they said sharing is caring so here you go!” 😉

“I didn’t have enough space on the street, so I thought of parking on the sidewalk. After all, it’s a part of the street.” 😀

On a serious note, incorrect parking can be fatal. It’s highly important to understand that safety is of utmost importance. Parking violations can lead to costly parking tickets and if not paid on time, they get reported to DMV. So, do consider this as a serious issue and next time when you are parking, take your time and park at the right place and in the right manner. Also, if you are wondering where to park? Check out this App called Parking For Me :

Parking For Me :

Parking For Me provides a digital parking solution. It has an interactive map that provides real-time data and helps users find and book a parking spot. The best part is that this online solution is user friendly and free of cost. Parking For Me will handle all your queries. Just call them at 650-230-8080, or email at, if you have any query.

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