How Covid 19 will change the future of parking

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The parking industry has faced a lot of challenges due to Covid 19. With the decrease in the demand for parking in 2019, the US government has suffered a lot of losses. Imagine how crowded and congested rail station parking area used to be, how busy the shopping mall parking lots used to be, and how filled the street parking of cities used to be. People used to wait for their turns, prebook their slots, and also indulge in monthly and annual parking as well. Covid 19 changed this completely.

The scene has been no different at the universities, schools, and offices. With everything being shifted to virtual be it work or e-learning, people have applied for reimbursements of parking permits thus causing a huge impact on the parking revenue. The most impacted place has been the airport parking. With the flights getting canceled and travel bans, things have been worst to date.

But from all these negatives things going around, the good part is many of these parking lots have been used for Covid screening. Also, many street parking is available free of cost now. The good news is we are already in 2021 and the vaccines are here. The situation is expected to change soon. But there’s a lot to be still considered.

If we look at the future of parking, there are a lot of changes that can be implemented, and now is actually the right time. Some of these include introducing touchless parking facilities, changing the layout of offices, increasing curbside spaces for pickups due to more online food orders, etc.


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