The Undesirable Consequences of Illegal Parking

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In cities and especially metropolitans, car parking has turned into a major nuisance for both commuters and local administrations. With spaces in city, centers are receding every day and the number of vehicles is constantly piling up, arranging parking spaces that can accommodate all the cars have become virtually impossible.

As a result, more drivers are now guilty of violating parking rules than ever before. Barring some unavoidable situations, there is no excuse to park your car illegally. If you have lately parked your car in a wrong spot and gotten away with it, then treat this blog as a reminder as to why you shouldn’t have done that.

Illegal Parking: Tickets, Fines and Beyond

Stating the obvious, parking your care in a spot not meant for it will surely lead to DMV fines. However, sometimes drivers get away without getting fined for illegal parking. In most of the cases, parking tickets range somewhere in between $10-20. However, you can be fined to up to $50 if you are guilty of parking your car in Downtown New York or Metro Los Angeles. From taking care of tire rotation to changing wipers or oil, there are many car maintenance chores that can be sorted within $50.

Not Paying Parking Fine

Non-payment of parking tickets doesn’t make you a criminal in official records. However, you will still face some unwanted consequences. For instance, you couldn’t be able to renew your license plate. Driving with an expired license plate means you are constantly committing an illegal act and that could result in more exacerbated outcomes.

Illegal Parking: Dangerous for Your Own Vehicle

Parking in an illegal spot doesn’t just entail financial repercussions in the form of fines. If you are parking your vehicle at a spot that is not meant for parking, then you might also put your vehicle at risk of incurring damages.

Parking your car at a busy roadside means there are chances that it might get side scratches from the moving vehicles. In a worst-case scenario, a speeding vehicle can rear into a car parked in a no-parking spot resulting in losses for both the vehicles. Apart from dealing with a broken taillight, you might also have to compensate for the losses of the other driver.

Disregarding Social Responsibility

There is a reason why some spaces are marked as No-Parking zones. By violating the rule, you just disregard your social responsibility. For instance, parking your car in front of entry or exit will cause inconvenience to many people. Similarly, parking at the curb of a bustling road can lead to a traffic bottleneck. It is important to recognize your social responsibility and reflect on how an apparently harmless act of illegal parking can lead to troubling so many people.
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